Well, perhaps this page should now be called Languages installed for Marc as we are moving to having each language installed globally - Greg


not installed
name url notes tested 64bit install tested
jspin got from spin, treated like mariedp1 script, files in /usr/local/share/jspin ? does is just call spin?
spinhttp://spinroot.com/spin/whatispin.html Installed 5.2.4 (2 December 2009) binary for 32 bit into /usr/local/bin check if 64bit exists 5.2.5
KroChttp://projects.cs.kent.ac.uk/projects/kroc/ inhouse install notes push to all desktops
Berkeley UPC http://upc.lbl.gov/ inhouse install notes push to all desktops
TCP Linda http://www.lindaspaces.com/about/index.html installed on martha /opt/scai/linda7.1 but the “linux2.4” bothers me a bit push to all desktops on all machines in /opt/scai but the free trial version is 32 bit only
NetworkSpaces http://sourceforge.net/projects/nws-py/files/ from ubuntu debs, packages installed: python-nwsserver python-nwsclient add to martha64 later
Erlang from ubuntu debs
CUDA installed when nvidia card was installed needed on martha
FDR2 (FDR2.83 academic use release) http://www.fsel.com/fdr2_download.html /!No longer needed!/
ProBEhttp://www.fsel.com/probe_download.html/!No longer needed!/
R http://www.r-project.org/ from ubuntu debs, packages installed: r-cran-foreign r-cran-codetools r-cran-nlme r-cran-cluster r-base-latex r-cran-survival r-cran-boot r-cran-rpart r-cran-nws r-base-dev r-base-html r-recommended r-cran-lattice r-base-core r-base r-cran-vr r-cran-kernsmooth r-cran-mgcvput on all 64bit