SSL Site Certification

We run two apache2 servers at this site.

These two instances of apache2 serve multiple wikis and web sites.

They are located in the Computer Science Department of Vassar College.

As a result, they all get the same site certificate. In some cases that works just fine. But in some cases your browser will complain about not being sure if it should trust the certificate or not being able to verify the certificate.

If you came to this page as than your browser should indicate that you are at a place it does trust. I am now going to show you a picture of fingerprint from correct certificate and a listing of those fingerprints. They should all match both what you see for this site, and the site you got here from. If they do not, then you are being messed with. If all 3 match, then I am sorry for the hassle, but it is an unfortunate side effect of having multiple wikis and web sites served from the same program.

Fingerprints as an image
Fingerprints as text
SHA1 Fingerprint E4:DF:6F:2F:FF:15:65:9A:33:D7:CD:13:06:81:C6:0E:5A:7B:6D:C4
MD5 Fingerprint F8:06:5F:F2:A1:AD:87:B8:EF:16:87:79:BB:1B:3B:CA

If you still have any questions, please contact me. -Greg

Greg Priest-Dorman 2008/02/17 18:28