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Re: Should we use the emacspeak speech back-end system-wide in Vinux?

Hello Bill,

Dne 3.10.2010 14:08, Bill Cox napsal(a):
> This is basically what's got me upset with the current state of
> speech-dispatcher.  The main speech-dispatcher dev makes supporting
> any non-Orca app a pain.

Please, could you describe what you mean by this?  Which change in
Speech Dispatcher made the situation worth in this sense?  This is
simply not true and proclamations like this make me upset.

I know that the situation is more complicated nowadays because most
distros come preconfigured with pulse audio and it is not simple to set
the system up correctly to work with Speech Dispatcher running in a
system wide mode.  But this is not caused by Speech Dispatcher.  Speech
Dispatcher now also supports the mode, which is easier to configure, but
the original system wide mode is still supported and should work.  If
you have a problem, read the documentation or contact the mailing list.

Such proclamations can harm the results of a huge amount of work of
other people, so please, be careful to be fair.

Best regards


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