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Re: Rewrite of "advice for new user"

I missed the beginning of this thread.
I am new to emacspeak.  Can someone recommend a good software synth?  I have tried eflite, but I'm wondering if there is a free solution that sounds better?  Maybe the mbrola voices?
Also, can someone point me at this emacspeak essay people are discussing?


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On 4/29/2003 at 4:54 PM Robert J. Chassell wrote:

>RJC> Also, Pierre Lorenzon <lorenzon@math.u-psud.fr> just wrote that
>   RJC> he has made emacspeak speak both French and English with the
>   RJC> festival speech synthesizer and the Mbrola voices.
>   My ambitions do no go so far! First off all, i am not a programmer.
>But you are already using a Russian-enabled Emacspeak!  That means
>much of the work is done.
>Perhaps someone one on this list can pull together a package to
>provide French, Russian, and English text-to-speech conversion in one
>instance of Emacspeak, using only software converters!
>   When i said that i want to do "something similar" i just meant writing
>   some introductory hints for using emacspeak.
>Please do, presuming the licenses permit people to use
>freephone&mbrola for English and ru_tts for Russian.
>Please look that the programs' licenses.
>I hate to say it, but these legal issues matter.  So long as a country
>is seen as a failure, no one will try to enforce licensing
>restrictions; but once a country looks that it may succeed, then
>licenses matter.  I have been told that in Russia, many people use
>software without paying attention to the license.  Individuals can get
>away with this; and so long as the Russia is perceived as a failure,
>like Cameroon in Africa, companies, universities, and government
>agencies will also be able to ignore licenses.  But when Russia is
>perceived as a success, or as a potential success, then licenses
>become important.  People have told me this has happened in Malaysia
>and Brazil, but not in Cameroon.  I don't know the situation in
>Russia, but it may well be perceived as a success or potential
>And in any event, if people like me are to use, copy, study, modify,
>and redistribute the software, we must have the legal right to do so.
>   I am a newbye to linux. I installed and started using it just in
>   February. I am using emacspeak with a so called 'multilingual
>   server'.
>This is excellent, because you will remember, and be able to write
>about, how you learned!
>   If you are interested in using Russian in emacspeak then go to the
>   following ftp site:
>   ftp://ftp.rakurs.spb.ru/pub/Goga/
>I did and started downloading the Debian files but failed.  
>After downloading two files successfully, I saw this message:
>    The server refuses login.
>This is what a session looked like:
> $ wget -c
>           => `mbrola-en1_19980910-1_all.deb'
>Resolving ftp.rakurs.spb.ru... done.
>Connecting to ftp.rakurs.spb.ru[]:21... connected.
>Logging in as anonymous ...
>The server refuses login.
>I could not download:
>    multispeech_1.1-4_i386.deb
>    mbrola_3.01h-1_i386.deb
>    mbrola-en1_19980910-1_all.deb
>    mbrola-dict_0.1-1_all.deb
>Also, where are the sources for the mbrola and ru-tts files?  I only
>saw sources for the freephone and multispeech files.
>   RJC> I last studied Russian in 1964 and have forgotten almost
>   RJC> everything. ....
>   Very interesting! If you get your emacspeak working with Russian, then
>   we could talk in Russian by email?!
>Yes, if I relearn enough.... which I would hope to do.
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