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Re: Rewrite of "advice for new user"

Hello, Robert!
>>>>> "RJC" == Robert J Chassell <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:

RJC>    If you are interested in using Russian in emacspeak then go to
RJC> the following ftp site:

RJC>    ftp://ftp.rakurs.spb.ru/pub/Goga/

RJC> I did and started downloading the Debian files but failed.

Sorry! I forgot to warn you! I don't know why but that server is not,
so to speak, "wget friendly'. I mean that for me wget not always work
well with that site. When i want to download something from that
server i open it with w3, which provide me with Dired buffer in wich i
just mark and copy what i need. I will write to maintaner of the site
about this problem. By the way, if you wish you may get in touch with
him as well. His name is Igor B. Poretsky. Write to him at


He is the person whom i mentioned in my previous message. Without his
work we in Russia still could not be able to use Linux.

RJC> Also, where are the sources for the mbrola and ru-tts files?  I
RJC> only saw sources for the freephone and multispeech files.

Sorry again! Since i am not a programmer, i did not pay much attention
to the sources. Therefore i published incorrect information. For the
sources for mbrola and ru_tts are not available. I just found out that
sources for Mbrola are available only on commercial basis. And as far
as ru_tts is concerned, this engine is a rewrite of russian speech
driver for Dos platform, which is a copirighted software. Sorry if i
caused you any trouble or inconviniences.

Best regards,


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