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Re: just a newbi problem, want to use festival, not flite with emacspeak

On 22/09/06, Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> wrote:
> Some observations:
> I just tried speech dispatcher with festival again. I am using
> fspeech dispatcher via speechd-el this time. I am using the packages
> from Debian unstable.
seams the packages on ubuntu are out dated or flawed.
> When using the flite output module of speech dispatcher,
> responsiveness is the same as with eflite in emacspeak. When using the
> festival output module in speech dispatcher, some of the problems seen
> in espeakf go away. Speech stops immediately when it should. However,
> there is a noticeable pause between the moment a command is issued and
> the corresponding speech starts. I cannot tell if the pause is silence
> generated by the tts or if it takes that long for the speech to be
> synthesized.
well, I am using orca on my ubuntu system and although a lot of memory
is consumed the responsiveness is very quick and every thing is read
out promptly.  the synth is festival not festival lite.  so if system
can work with festival on a gui with this performance, it should not
have been the problem.  and if at all it is giving problem it is
certainly not festival.  I also have a 1.4 g with 256 m ram.
I want to know how speach.el can be installed with emacs.
actually I can't even have emacs run on my computer because I don't
have .deb packages with all its dependencies for emacs.
I have been requesting some one to direct me for at least compiling
every thing by hand.
please tell me what tools I will need and what source packages I will need.
I don't even have emacs installed on my computer.
seams ubuntu is more towards using vi editor rather than emacs.
some one please guide me.
I will use emacs with speachd.el if not emacspeak.
cna can

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