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Re: just a newbi problem, want to use festival, not flite with emacspeak

If you have problems getting stuff off the network, then I
suggest ubuntu is  not for you -- since it comes with a
bare minimum system on the CD and assumes that you *can* get
stuff off the net. I suggest you instal a full-fledged
distribution like FC5 off of a set of CDs or a DVD.

>>>>> "krishnakant" == krishnakant Mane <krmane@gmail.com> writes:
    krishnakant> On 23/09/06, <> wrote:
    >> Just a few points which may be of interest in this thread.
    >> Festival is a very powerful and configurable TTS. It can
    >> support quite a few different voices and has a lot of
    >> parameters which can be tweaked to improve synthesis. The
    >> "out of the box" configuration is a general default that
    >> is likely to meet most users requirements.  However, I
    >> found (quite some time ago) when playing with festival, I
    >> could get better performance tweaking some of the settings
    >> associated with festival and the voice
    >> tools. Unfortunately, it was a while ago and I dont
    >> actually remember what all the tweaks were.
    krishnakant> all right.  do you at least remember was it used
    krishnakant> with speach-dispatcher?
    >> Festival supports voices from other sources and in many
    >> distributions, you will get different quality voices - for
    >> example, in Debian, there are both 8k and 16k voices for
    >> US/UK english. The 8k voices don't have the same quality,
    >> but will probably give better performance on slower
    >> machines with less memory.
    krishnakant> I have 256 mb ram with a p4 1.4 ghz processor
    krishnakant> and an amd duron machine with 128 ram.  what
    krishnakant> will be the performance on these two?  by the
    krishnakant> way, I have given up my crave for deb packages
    krishnakant> of emacspeak for ubuntu.  I emailed the
    krishnakant> ubuntu-accessibility team, but they seam more
    krishnakant> interested now a days in orca.  it is good but
    krishnakant> right now I really need emacspeak.  can some one
    krishnakant> give me idea of what tools I will need to
    krishnakant> compile emacspeak and where do I get all the
    krishnakant> sources.  I don't even have emacs and no
    krishnakant> emacspeak of course.  apt-get wont work at my
    krishnakant> place because the protocol my ISP has given is
    krishnakant> not working on my linux system.  so I am in
    krishnakant> windows when I use internet.  please help me if
    krishnakant> any one can.

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