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Lukas Loehrer writes:
 > Steve Holmes writes ("Re: listing the most user friendly apps with emacspeak."):
 > > Interesting lisp code here.  How did you figure all that out? I'm not
 > > aware of the internal dired variables or functions like filename.  
 > There are many ways, here is one: You pick an existing dired
 > command that supposedly has to do similar operations as the one you
 > want to write. Look at its source ("C-h M-f" works most of the time).
 > Try to understand how the existing function works and extract the
 > functions and variables you will need in your own code. Look at the
 > docstrings to make sure they really do what you believe.

Also, M-x apropos-variable is very useful once you know the prefix
used in a package e.g. dired-

I also find it useful to try M-x customize-group <ret> dired to see
all the customizable variables in a package like dired. 

Many packages with info pages will also include an index of functions
and variables. 

and of course, as aptly mentioned already by Lukas and with a less
than subtle reference to 20th century pop culture 

Use the source Luke!

Tim Cross

There are two types of people in IT - those who do not manage what they 
understand and those who do not understand what they manage.

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